Juniors in Decline, Seniors Still On Top

1935 Cub Wolves.  Photo courtesy of "Homegrown Heroes: A Sports History of Sudbury".After a parting of ways in 1935, Sam Rothschild took over coaching the senior Wolves while Max Silverman coached the juniors.  Both teams won their respective Northern Ontario Hockey Association titles that year.

The juniors were once again on the road to victory after having successfully won the N.O.H.A., the O.H.A., and the Eastern Division championship titles.  Once again, they faced the Winnipeg Monarchs for the Memorial Cup.  However, this time, the Cubs were unable to secure a win, thus ending the season for another year.

The junior league began to experience a decline after that, but the senior league was doing well as Sam Rothschild's scouts were securing players through the promise of work at the local mine.  The senior leagues in Sudbury were all sponsored by the local mining conglomerates and players who worked for them were given time off with pay for practices and games.  However, the preferred treatment for hockey players only lasted until the 1940's, when the unions made their presence known in the mining industry.


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