War Time Hockey

Intermediate hockey in Sudbury was all but halted during the First World War as players joined the Army.  Interest began to shift to junior hockey as the source for entertainment.

In February of 1919, Sudbury's first Junior Ontario Hockey Association game was played in Sudbury against Barrie for the championship.  Sudbury won.  The spring of that year saw Sudbury, North Bay, Cobalt, and several other northern towns form the Northern Ontario Hockey Association for junior hockey.  The new league maintained affiliation with the O.H.A.

The fall of 1919 saw the Sudbury boys return from war, ready to reestablish a senior hockey league in Sudbury.  They created their own Northern Ontario Hockey Association, also affiliated with the Ontario Hockey Association and the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association.  The southern division of the association included teams from Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, and North Bay.

Back in true form, Sudbury's senior hockey players finished their first regular season with only one loss and accepted offers to compete against amateur teams in the U.S.  Sudbury seniors took home the N.O.H.A. and the O.H.A. championship titles, while the juniors brought home a victory in the junior N.O.H.A. championship.


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