In Pursuit of a Junior Championship

In 1926, Sudbury's town league was renamed the Nickel Belt Hockey League (N.B.H.L.).  The talent and experience of the players helped to establish the league as one of the best in Canada of both amateur and professional clubs in the 1930's.

Sudbury Cub Wolves - 1932.  Photo courtesy of "Homegrown Heroes: A Sports History of Sudbury".The N.B.H.L. was instrumental in the creation of the Cub Wolves junior Northern Ontario Hockey Association team.  The Cubs were sponsored by the mining giants as well as the Sudbury Wolves senior team.  Star players from the juniors were selected to play for the Sudbury Wolves at season's end.

During the 1930's, Sam Rothschild returned to Sudbury to coach hockey after a knee injury ended his NHL career.  Along with Max Silverman, a former water boy who worked his way up, Rothschild set out to create a championship winning team.

The dream was realized in 1932 as the Sudbury Cubs won title after title, culminating in the right to compete for the Memorial Cup (the Canadian junior championships) against the Winnipeg Monarchs.  Sudbury fans were so enthralled with the title matches that even political and judicial issues were rescheduled to dates when the team wasn't playing. 

The Sudbury Star arranged for a temporary radio station to be provided so that Sudburians could listen to the games.  Despite it being the Depression-era, radios sold out in Sudbury and those who didn't get a radio would pay 50 cents to listen to the game at Sainte-Anne's Hall.

The Sudbury Cubs secured a victory over the Winnipeg Monarchs to win the Memorial Cup for the first time in Sudbury's history.  The junior club returned to Sudbury and was presented with the key to the city and a parade in its honour.


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