Expanding the Faith

By November 1917, the Baptist Home Mission Board issued an ultimatum stating that if a minister was not provided to the Sudbury congregation by January 1, 1918, the church would have to disband. Fortunately for the parish, a new reverend was found and in January of 1918, Reverend James Proudfoot became Sudbury's permanent pastor.

In the summer of 1918, Reverend Proudfoot began the task of building a new church, the basement of which was completed early in the following year. Reverend Proudfoot's efforts to secure additional parishioners was successful and by 1921, he had succeeded in increasing his following by nineteen people.

At the time of his departure in 1921, Reverend Proudfoot had become the church's longest staying permanent pastor. His successor, Reverend John Galt began the task of completing the church. Finances were raised through speaking tours to Baptist churches throughout Ontario and Quebec and by the local church organizations, including the Ladies' Aid group.

On January 6, 1924, the new Baptist church was officially opened. Over three hundred people attended the evening service, most of whom were Methodists. The Methodist church had cancelled its own evening service and attended the Baptist service in honour of the church opening. Throughout 1924, the Baptist church became an established congregation.

The church incurred a debt of over $2,000.00 for its construction. Due to the small size of the congregation, the church was unable to repay the debt until 1940.


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