Partnerships and Improvements

On November 17, 1925, Reverend Robert M. Munroe was ordained in the Sudbury parish and became Sudbury's new preacher. He was evangelical in his preaching style and worked tirelessly to improve the parish. New church activities were implemented and over time, church attendance grew under his leadership. Reverend Munroe left the Sudbury parish in 1927 to become a full-time traveling evangelist.

On January 10, 1930, the Sudbury Baptist church was destroyed by fire. Rebuilding began immediately and was completed by the summer of that year. The church was enlarged to include Sunday School facilities and a boardroom.

During construction, the Baptists were offered the use of Wesley Hall by St. Andrew's Church. They graciously accepted the offer and even went so far as to pay for the use of the building, even though St. Andrew's was not requesting any compensation for the building's use.


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