Capreol Hydro Electric Commission

When Capreol was first established, light was provided by coal-oil or gasoline lamps at home while lanterns were used to traverse the trails at night.

In 1911, Treadwell Yukon Ltd. built a pole line from the McVitty Generating Station on Wanapitei River to Moose Mountain Mine in the Town of Sellwood.  Through this substation, the Town of Capreol purchased power from the CNR in 1916.

In the early days, power was extremely limited and very expensive to purchase.  By 1928, the Town of Capreol had entered into negotiations with the Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario to supply power to the community.  A substation was then installed on River Street and before the end of the year, the Capreol Hydro Electric Commission was established.

With the creation of a substation in Capreol, the CNR decided to purchase its power from Capreol, resulting in the need for an increase in size and power to accommodate the new energy demands.

In 1935, a hydro-electric distribution system was installed and in March of 1945, the hydro station was relocated to Lakeshore Drive.

Power demands continued to increase and by 1960, an additional substation was required on Railway Avenue.

Capreol continued to own its Hydro Electric Commission for many years thereafter, providing its citizens with the lowest possible hydro rates.  Today, the Capreol Hydro Electric Commission is a part of Greater Sudbury Hydro Plus.

Material compiled from Capreol: The First 75 Years, 1918-1993.

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