Telephone Service

Prior to 1918, telephone service was not available in the Town of Capreol, except for a single pay phone at the CNR station which connected Capreol to Sudbury.  By 1927, telephones were being installed in private homes and businesses and soon, the telephone was no longer a luxury, it was a necessity.

For a brief time, the Doncon Telephone Company provided phone service to Capreol, but was later replaced by the Bell Telephone Company.  Even when services were switched to Bell, the citizens had to pay a toll fee to call Sudbury because it was beyond the "20-mile limit".  Eventually, the toll was removed and today, Capreol citizens can call anyone in Sudbury without having to pay long-distance charges.

Material compiled from Capreol: The First 75 Years, 1918-1993.

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