Redesigning the Church

When Reverend J. Maxwell Allen left Trinity United Church in 1926, he was replaced by Ireland native, Reverend James A. Lyttle.  Reverend Lyttle was an energetic, sociable person who was well-liked by the congregation.  Soon after his arrival, plans were made to conduct the first major rebuilding of the church.

In 1928, reconstruction began on the church.  The Sanctuary was separated from the clubroom and was extended.  A full basement was installed under the Sanctuary and the entire structure was moved back from the street.  The clubroom was rotated ninety degrees and transformed into a manse.  The folding chairs were done away with and full-length pews were purchased and installed.

The raised platform (on which the pulpit and choir stood) was replaced with a graduated structure.  The pulpit and lectern were placed at the front of this structure and at the back, pews were erected for the choir, with the front pew being at the lowest level and each succeeding pew raised several inches above the one in front.

All of these renovations were financed through multiple loans from the Brockville Loan and Trust Company and the Home Mission Board, in addition to donations raised in the congregation.


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