Disaster Strikes

Disaster struck on March 23, 1956 when Trinity United Church was destroyed by a fire.  Undaunted by the turn of bad luck, the congregation met two days later for their Sunday service at the Audion Theatre.  Plans to rebuild were acted upon almost immediately and were supervised by the building committee.  Throughout the reconstruction, Sunday services were held at the theatre while the Royal Canadian Legion permitted the use of the Legion Hall for Sunday School classes.

Scavenging the remains of the church, the committee was able to salvage the church pews and the communion table.  The following year, on September 15, 1957, the new Trinity United Church was officially opened and the building was dedicated by the former minister, Dr. James A. Lyttle, now the United Church Home Mission Superintendent for Northern Ontario.

In 1958, Reverend E.J. Van Goudoever assumed the ministry in Capreol and was responsible for securing funds towards the building of Huntington College in Sudbury.  This contribution provided members of the congregation with a sense of accomplishment and contribution.


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