John Kortesuo

John Kortesuo and his wife Amanda moved to the north side of Long Lake on June 21, 1910.  They had no children but adopted a young boy named Toivo Lantto.  Unfortunately, the arrangement did not work out and Toivo left the family.

Kortesuo would cut wood and sell it to Sudbury residents.  He would use a "gas engine and a belt driven circular saw"* to perform the service, and would often cut wood for farmers in the area.  John Kortesuo lost his leg just above the knee in a wood-cutting accident and was fitted with a wooden leg to replace it.

The Kortesuos were dairy farmers and they also ran a tobacco and candy store from their home.  John took foreman jobs for the Department of Highways during road constructions and maintenance work in the area.

Tragically, John and Amanda's home burned down and they died in the fire.  


*Nissila, Eino. Pioneers of Long Lake. c1987.

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