Gilbert Rheault

Gilbert Rheault was the brother of Prosper Rheault.  He settled on the former site of the Victoria Harper Lumber Company's office and bunkhouse building on September 7, 1915.  Rheault was an extremely wealthy man and one of the four prospectors who located the Dome Gold Mine.  He and his wife, Aldia, had eleven children: Harry; Alphonse: Bella; Alec; William; Edmund; Ernest; Arthur; Ida; Aileen; and George.  His son Alphonse claimed that Rheault gained his wealth through a prospector who provided him with shares in mine stock as payment for cutting cords of wood.

The Rheault family owned a large, luxurious home and barn, both of which were wired for electricity (although hydro wasn't yet available in the area).  He had a gasoline generator which provided power to both buildings.  Gilbert Rheault was the first resident of Long Lake to own a car; it was a Lexington.

Despite his wealth, Rheault was an extremely generous man.  He was also illiterate, having received no education.

Gilbert Rheault lost his fortune and property through unknown misfortunes and on September 16, 1935, died a poor man.

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