Pastor Arvid Isaac Heinonen

Pastor Arvid Isaac Heinonen was a Finnish Presbyterian minister who served in Copper Cliff from 1913 to 1918.  He did missionary work along the north shore of Sault Ste. Marie and up into Cochrane and Timmins.  He was a very charismatic man, a skilled leader and organizer, an accomplished singer and lute player, and was the choir leader.

Pastor Heinonen purchased property on the south side of Long Lake on January 15, 1915 where he lived with his wife Cecelia Marie, his sons Veikko, Oscar, and Kauko, and his daughters Agda, Maire, Kerttu, Ellie, Lea, and Vera.  On October 5, 1939, he sold his mainland property to a local bachelor and his family lived on the island property he owned.

Heinonen taught English language classes to new immigrants, would translate for them when required, and was always willing to help them find work.

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