The United Church of Canada

The United Church of Canada crest.  Photo courtesy of The United Church of Canada.

Talk of uniting with the Methodist faith began in Sudbury as early as 1911 with the majority of Presbyterians agreeing to the proposition. Over the years, the idea was casually discussed, but no action was taken until 1925.

In January of 1925, St. Andrew's Church once again voted in favour of the union of Presbyterian and Methodist faiths. The official national unification between the two groups took place on June 10, 1925 and caused the two religions to be joined under the banner of the United Church of Canada.

While many parishioners on both sides were happy with the national union, there were some who did not approve of the abandonment of traditionally-held values. Between June 1925 and June 1926, over 100 parishioners from the Presbyterian faith withdrew from the United Church to form their own congregation, the Knox Presbyterians.

The Methodist and Presbyterian faiths in Sudbury did not join together as soon as the national union took place. There were many issues that could not be resolved between the two religions and official unification did not take place until a couple of years later.


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