Growth of the United Church in Sudbury

In the fall of 1955, the Sudbury area was in a state of growth and St. Andrew's Church wished to expand the United faith throughout the community. With the creation of television, the church determined that this new medium would be an excellent way to reach more people. In October of 1955, the first televised church service was held at St. Andrew's Church. "The Way and the Truth" was a great success and was aired until April of 1959 when Reverend Lautenschlager, the host of the program, requested its termination due to the demands placed on him as President of Huntington College.

Also during 1955, efforts were being made to expand the United Church's presence in other parts of the Sudbury area. A fundraising campaign ensued and in five years, the parish raised $186,000 for church expansion.

St. Andrew's Church sparked the creation of many United parishes throughout Greater Sudbury including St. Stephen's-on-the-Hill, St. Mark's, St. Luke's, St. Peter's, and St. Paul's.


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