The Quest for the Ontario Cup

In the spring of 1920, the Sudbury and District Football Association joined the Ontario Football Association, enabling Sudbury teams to compete for the Ontario Cup and the Connaught Cup (the national trophy).

That year, the Ontario Cup tournament was scheduled for June, requiring Sudbury's league to determine who would be competing for the title even before their own season began.  The league decided to hold a playoff competition from which the winner would represent the S.D.F.A.  The winning team was the British American Nickel Corporation (B.A.N.C.) and they were bestowed with the honour of being the first team from Sudbury to compete for the provincial title.

The first round of the Ontario Cup was held at the Sudbury High School field against Guelph.  It was considered a major event for Sudburians who were still celebrating their hockey team's victory of the Allen Cup.  Over 1,500 fans attended the games and by the end of the match, Sudbury had defeated Guelph by a score of 3-0, sending the B.A.N.C. team to the Ontario Cup semi-finals.  At the semi-finals, Sudbury's team faced Toronto.  The B.A.N.C. were expected to obtain a victory in the match and were dubbed the "second pack of Wolves", after their hockey brothers.  However, despite a solid effort, Sudbury lost the game and were out of the Ontario Cup championship.

In December of 1920, at the first S.D.F.A. banquet, a local manufacturer named W.A. Evans presented the league with another trophy for its tournaments.  The trophy was known as the Evans Cup.


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