War's Effect on Soccer

Over the years, soccer began to decline in Sudbury as the only true competition came in the form of the Dominion Football Association Cup.  With the start of World War II, soccer disappeared from Sudbury and didn't resurface for another five years.

The post-war era saw the reorganization of soccer in the Sudbury community.  Company sponsorship of players was ended and eventually teams from Falconbridge, Creighton, and Frood Mine disappeared.  These clubs were replaced by ethnically based teams.

With a large number of Europeans settling in the Sudbury area, soccer was a sport popular with much of the population.  Different ethnic groups began to form their own soccer teams, among them was the Italian's Caruso Club team, the Sudbury Italia Flyers.  Other nationalities such as Germans, Ukrainians, Polish, Hungarians, Croatians, and Serbians made up the rest of the teams in the new Sudbury and District Football Association.  The league was comprised of these ethnic teams for the next twenty years.


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