Hardships and Triumphs

By 1935, soccer was once again experiencing difficulties in the Sudbury area.  The entire Sudbury and District Football Association executive board quit when the Ontario Football Association overruled a decision in regards to the Evans Cup final.  The mass exodus left Sudbury questioning the future of soccer in the north.

Fortunately, a new board was established in time to prepare for the 1935 soccer season, and with the new board came an affiliation with the National Soccer League.  This affiliation provided local soccer clubs with another national title to strive for; one that was separate from the Dominion Cup.

The season saw Falconbridge and Frood Mine once again battling for top honours.  Falconbridge beat Frood Mine and proceeded to compete against the Montreal Verdun for the Dominion Cup.  Despite a solid effort, the Falcons could not defeat the Verduns.

Returning from the competition, the Falconbridge Falcons began the race for the National Soccer League title.  Injured and exhausted, the Falcons faced the Frood Mine Tigers and lost.  The Tigers went on to represent Northern Ontario in the National Soccer League championships.  However, due to long delays by southern clubs, the tournament was postponed to the following season.

In 1936, the Frood Mine Tigers faced the Toronto Ulster United team on the Toronto field.  After defeating Toronto on its home turf, the next match was scheduled to take place in Sudbury.  The Toronto team refused to travel north, thus forfeiting the National Soccer League Atholstan Cup to Sudbury.


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