Winning Teams Abound

1935 Falconbridge Falcons.  Photo courtesy of "Homegrown Heroes: A Sports History of Sudbury".In 1932, the Falconbridge Falcons (possessing superb competitive athletes) won the Sudbury and District Football Association title as well as the Northern Ontario title and were entered into the running for the Ontario Cup.  The Falcons played against the Hamilton Dominion Glass team for the title and won the Ontario Cup, giving Northern Ontario its first provincial victory.  They repeated the feat in the following season thanks in large part to the recruiting of talented, championship-winning players from Southern Ontario.

By the mid-1930's, soccer clubs in the Sudbury area were importing talent in order to compete against the reigning Falconbridge champions.  The Frood Mine Tigers were the most zealous recruiting team, managing to secure enough players to create a strong club that could challenge the Falconbridge Falcons.


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