Soccer Gets a Boost

Soccer continued to develop and grow throughout the 1920's and by the 1930's, the northern league got a boost in players.  During the Depression era, many Toronto-based soccer players came north looking for work and found it at the local mines.  Soccer players were often sought out by mining companies and offered employment in places like Timmins, Kirkland Lake, and Sudbury. 

Sudbury's mining giant, namely INCO, was expanding operations at the time and was in a position to hire more soccer, hockey, and baseball athletes than any other town.  The resulting influx of imported players allowed Sudbury to develop imposing teams in these sports.  These teams provided Sudburians with some of the best sporting events they had ever seen and awarded them provincial and national titles; all of which helped to instill a strong sense of community pride in Sudburians.

Athletes employed with the mines were often given preferential treatment.  They performed the easy surface work instead of the risky underground jobs and they were given time off with pay for practices and games.


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