Finding a New Home

Brown School.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.Throughout the late 1880's, the mining and logging industries were expanding in the Sudbury area and as more families settled in the community, the number of students attending the school increased. As a result, in September 1889, the school was temporarily moved to the new church and established in three classrooms in the building. Less than five years later on March 23, 1894, (Good Friday) the church burned down and along with it, the school.

Following the devastating fire, the school board looked to purchase property on which to build a new school. With the help of Reverend Father Toussaint Lussier, the school board managed to buy a lot of land behind the old church from Bishop Richard Alphonse O'Connor of Peterborough. Bishop O'Connor, wanting to assist in the construction of this new school, also provided building plans. The school board graciously accepted this assistance and proceeded to obtain the funding required to build the new four classroom school. In January of 1895, brown school officially opened and 115 children attended, filling three of the four classrooms.


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