Brown School a Success

In 1898, the school board trustees decided to hire nuns to serve as French teachers. They petitioned the diocese to send nuns to teach at the school and they were rewarded with a total of six sisters. The sisters were as qualified as the regular teachers to instruct the students but they also provided religious training, artistic and cultural information, and they served as building caretakers; all for a substantially lower rate of pay than the regular teachers received.

Classroom of students.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.Student enrollment continued to rise and in September of 1901, the fourth classroom at brown school was being utilized. By 1905, two of the classrooms had been split in half to create a total of six classrooms. The school had reached its capacity and more students were still enrolling. The school board requested the use of space in the parish's Jubilee Hall and in 1909, the top floor of the hall was transformed into two classrooms. Yet, this was still not enough, so in 1910, two additional classrooms were created in the lower half of the hall, bringing the total number of classrooms available to ten. These classrooms were able to accommodate the student enrollment for a few more years, but as the student population continued to increase, the school board had to make additional classroom arrangements.


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