A Solid School System Formed

From 1972 on, student populations began to decline, but renovations continued on existing buildings in an effort to provide all schools with gymnasium and library facilities. New schools were being built in wards in need of an educational structure and also to replace schools that were being closed due to structural issues or lack of students in certain wards. Even as early as 1969, schools were being closed for various reasons and new schools were being built to take their place.

Sudbury Catholic Distric School Board plaque in front of Marymount College.  Photo courtesy of the Sudbury Catholic District School BoardFor the first time, trustees were elected to the school board for a three-year term in November of 1982. By the fall school term of 1983, student populations had declined to 19,909; 10,930 of which were French students, and 8,979 were English students. There were 38 French schools, 27 English schools, and 4 mixed schools in the Roman Catholic School Board's jurisdiction.

Throughout the history of the Catholic school system, quality, spiritually-based education has been the main focal point in the instruction of both English and French children. Today, the Sudbury District Catholic Separate School Board  and the Conseil scolaire de district catholique du nouvel-ontario continue to maintain high standards in education for all children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.


Material compiled from One Hundred Years of Catholic Education: 1884-1984.

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