A New Church Building

Throughout the early 1900's, efforts continued to beautify and improve the Church of the Epiphany's rectory and cemetery and in 1910, feeling that their church was inadequate, the parishioners established a building fund to construct a new, more imposing church. The summer of 1912 saw the demolition of the previous church to make room for the construction of a new building and on July 30, 1912, Bishop Thorneloe performed the laying of the corner stone ceremony for the new Church of the Epiphany.

By Palm Sunday, March 16, 1913, the new building's undercroft was being used for church services, and on April 27, 1913, the church was officially opened. Archdeacon Gowan Gillmor (original founder of the Anglican church) attended the opening and dedication prayers were done by Bishop Thorneloe. During this time, there were 700 Anglicans in Sudbury out of a population of 4,000 people.

With the retirement of Reverend Boydell in the summer of 1917 due to illness, Reverend Percy Alfred Paris began his term as parish priest. Reverend Paris' tenure was faced with financial hardships and declining parishioners due to the advent of World War I. Reverend Paris worked to improve the Church of the Epiphany's status of worship and he began to provide the holy communion on a weekly basis and added celebrations on saints' days and other festivals.


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