Church Additions

At the first vestry meeting on April 5, 1891, Mrs. A.M. McLeod, wife of the late Mr. Eyre, offered to donate an acre of land beside the Eyre Cemetery for use as an Anglican cemetery. On May 18th of the same year, the parishioners began the task of clearing the land of tree stumps and preparing it for its new use.

Over the next two years, a handful of ministers would take over the role of parish priest for the Church of the Epiphany and in February of 1894, Reverend W.H. French became the new resident priest. It was during Reverend French's first year that a bell tower was added to the church and the first bell purchased. On June 3, 1894, the bell was rung for the first time to signal the beginning of services.

On September 16, 1894, the church was consecrated by the Bishop of Algoma, four years after its initial construction. Two years later, the interior of the church was renovated and decorated under the supervision of Reverend Franz C.H. Ulbricht.

In 1897, the rectory house was built beside the church and, like the church, was heated with a hot air furnace (a very progressive innovation of the time). It was also during this year that Reverend Ulbricht became ill and was forced to resign as parish priest.


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