The Church Finds a Following

Throughout the 1950's, the Church of the Epiphany began to flourish, reaching an all-time high of 809 families attending on a regular basis. This renewed interest sparked the development of additional Anglican churches in New Sudbury and Azilda.

In 1957, the church founded Thorneloe University, named in honour of the second Bishop of Algoma, and made additions to the Church building in the form of a narthex and parish offices.

The 1960's were a troubling time as the "God is dead" era became apparent not only in world citizens, but also in church leaders. This new belief led to an extreme decline in parishioners until the early 1970's when this philosophy eventually faded.

By 1979, the church was once again in need of major renovations and repairs, including the replacement of its exterior brickwork. Money for the restoration was raised over a period of three years. In 1981, the majority of the renovations had been completed and on January 10, 1982, the church was rededicated by the Bishop.

Women of the faith were instrumental in assisting the church in carrying out its sacred duties. Among the groups formed were the Mother's Union, the Altar Guild, and the Woman's Auxiliary.

The Church of the Epiphany celebrated its 120th anniversary in October of 2003, and since then has continued to be a source of pride and devotion for Sudbury's Anglican community.

For more information on the Church of the Epiphany, visit their website.


Material compiled from The Religious Tradition in Sudbury: 1883-1983 and The Church of the Epiphany: A Century of Anglican Witness.

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