Ministering to the Masses

The Church of the Epiphany was without a priest for two years until, on May 3, 1899, Reverend James Boydell was assigned to the parish. He remained as parish priest for nineteen years until his failing health forced his retirement in the summer of 1917 at the age of seventy-six.

During Reverend Boydell's term, he was responsible for ministering to all of the Anglican families in Sudbury, Copper Cliff, Wahnapitae, Victoria Mines, Murray Mines, and Cartier, requiring him to travel extensively. By the 1900's, a church had been built in Copper Cliff and a congregation of a handful of Anglicans attended services held by Reverend Boydell.

In 1902, at a vestry meeting, the congregations of Sudbury and Copper Cliff agreed to join together to become a single, self-supporting parish. Come 1903, the Church of the Epiphany decided to take on the costs of supporting the Anglican faith in the Sudbury area and they arranged for catechists to work in Copper Cliff under the general direction of Reverend Boydell. This allowed the Reverend to devote more of his time to the Sudbury community.

By 1908, Copper Cliff had become a separate mission led by priest-in-charge Reverend T.N. Mumford and in 1910, they built their own church, St. John the Divine.


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