1922 - 1931

The first cheese dairy in the village of Chelmsford was built in 1915.  It was located on Errington Street and belonged to Mr. Henri Vigeault.  In 1922, a cooperative was formed and three other cheese dairies were built.  One was located on Vermilion Lake Road, another on Morgan Road and a third one in Boninville.

Centennial Quilt 1922 - 1931. Created by Mrs. Lucie Brisson.In 1923, certain houses in Chelmsford obtained access to the new radio network, a system which rapidly spread throughout the village.

The first funeral parlor, dating from 1923, was located in Chelmsford on the first floor of Mr. Hugh J. Gratton's house, on the site of the present Caisse populaire on Main Street.

In 1927, the Bell Telephone Company of Canada offered telephone services 24 hours a day.

A fourth Town Hall was built on Yonge Street, on lot 26, in order to better administer the municipal affairs of Balfour Township.  This building served the community until 1931.


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