1962 - 1971

The churches of St. Alexander in Chelmsford and St. Alexander in Azilda were opened for worship on August 17, 1962, to minister to the English Catholic population in the area.

Centennial Quilt 1962 - 1971. Created by Mrs. Noëlla Dorval and Mrs. Marie-Jeanne Vaillancourt.In 1964, the family of Mr. Émile Montpellier built the first golf course in the area.  Located on Montpellier Street in Chelmsford, the course is still in operation today.

In 1967, the federal and provincial governments subsidized more than half of the expenses incurred in the creation of a park on Côté Street.

The Balfour Civic Centre was opened in Chelmsford in 1969.  It contains a hall and an arena.

Rayside Secondary School, a French language secondary school, was built on Montée Principale in Azilda in 1971.


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