1982 - 1991

Top Left:

The Town's new logo represents the uniqueness of the Town of Rayside-Balfour.

  • Centennial Quilt 1982 - 1991. Created by Mrs. Suzanne Landry.The blue represents the sky, rivers and lakes.

  • The green represents the land, forests and prairies.

  • The two blocks symbolize the two components of the Town: Rayside-Balfour and Balfour-Chelmsford.

  • At a certain point, the two blocks converge to symbolize the unity between these two components.

  • The designation is bilingual in order to acknowledge the special character of the Town.


Top right:

The flag of the Town is also represented on this last illustration.



The Centennial logo symbolizes the Town's one hundred years of existence.

  • The railroad represents its beginning.

  • The potato flower symbolizes the fertility of the soils and the cultivation of the potato in this region.

  • The trees remind us of the forest industry and the loggers.

  • The mine shaft represents the rock and the region's mining operations.


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