1972 - 1981

The Azilda Arena was built in the 1970's to serve the town's population.

Centennial Quilt 1972 - 1981. Created by Mrs. Suzanne Erickson.The first library in Chelmsford was created in 1972 and located in the basement of the old Town Hall on the corner of King and O'Connor Streets. In 1976, after moving three times, the library was then housed in the Mine-Mill offices on Errington Street. In 1980, the Azilda library opened its doors on Poulin Street.

The three rings represent the 1973 amalgamation of Chelmsford, Balfour and Rayside to form the Town of Rayside-Balfour. The Town is also made up of sections of Morgan, Snider and Creighton Townships.

The Sudbury Downs Racetrack was built in 1973. It included a pari-mutual betting counter and a formal dining room with a license to sell alcoholic beverages. Stables and other necessary buildings were also erected. In order to continue the tradition, a racing track was built and the following year, the racetrack was officially opened.

The Chelmsford Medical Centre, located next to the library, opened its doors in 1974. The following year, the Azilda Medical Centre on Ellen Street was opened to the public.

On July 3, 1981, the Northern and Central Gas Company installed natural gas lines in the community.


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