1932 - 1941

Centennial Quilt 1932 - 1941. Created by Mrs. Jeannette Chabot.The stock market crash of 1929 brought about a world-wide Depression which affected all sectors of the economy.  The illustration of the bread and the large X indicate the shortage of food brought about by the Great Depression.

The mine shaft represents the end of mining operations of the Treadwell-Yukon Mining Ltd. Company in 1932.

The Depression of the 1930's ended with the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939.  Among our citizens, there were 53 soldiers who risked their lives in that conflict.  Of all the men and women from Chelmsford who fought in the war, four were killed in the line of duty.  They were Gérard Faubert, Arthur Grouls, René Henry and Roméo Neault.


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