1952 - 1961

In 1953, the Catholics of Azilda were happy to have their own church.  Dedicated to Ste-Agnès, this church was located on the corner of Ste-Agnès and Montcalm Streets.

In 1953, three classes were set up in the basement of St. Joseph's Church in Chelmsford for secondary school pupils.  The following year, a modern school was built at the corner of Côté Street and Highway 144 in Chelmsford.

Centennial Quilt 1952 - 1961. Created by Mrs. Anne Gauthier.In 1954, CKSO became the first independent television station in Canada, and proceeded to broadcast throughout the region.  The same year saw the creation of the Caisse populaire Ste-Agnès (now the Caisse populaire d'Azilda).

Also in 1954, in order to reduce the speed of vehicles in the town, road signs were erected to indicate a maximum speed of 30 mph, while other signs prohibited parking in certain places.

In March 1956, Sudbury Aviation Limited inaugurated its flying school on Whitewater Lake in Azilda.  At the time, it was the only school authorized by the government to train pilots in Northern Ontario.

In 1957, an office dispensing license plates was set up in Mr. Emile A. Vallancourt's building on Errington Street.

October 4, 1959, was the official opening of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario outlet on Errington Street.

The Bank of Nova Scotia building was erected in Azilda in 1961.


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