1942 - 1951

In 1947, the houses were connected to a hydro electric station.

Centennial Quilt 1942 - 1951. Created by Mrs. Marie-Claire Maheu.After a difficult period, the citizens of the region entered upon a decade of progress.  In 1949, under the guidance of Mayor Joseph Gratton and his councillors, a system of running water was installed in Chelmsford.

The first two automatic fire pumps, 1921 models, were purchased in 1951.

Beginning in 1951, dog sled racing become more and more popular.  Among the many races held, mention must be made of the February 26, 1951 race in which Tony Landry of Azilda won with a running time of 1 hour, 14 minutes, 8 seconds.

Mr. Auguste Poulin was the happy owner of the new Star Hotel in Azilda.


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